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Our females
Int. MCh. Dom As Goscha Reine Renée

Dom As Goscha Reine Ragna
Int. MCh. Dom As Goscha Nona Nikita
Int. MCH. Anuszka z Jurajskich Biskupic
CH. Glory the Second Stepowy Goniec
+ Int. MCH. Lynx Endless Love
+ Int.MCH. Rasswet's Carmina

Our males
Int. Ch. Dom As Goscha Naud Nadal
+  Int. MCH.Ischyma Harosjenkie
+  Egor du Pré du Château
+  Farouk du Pré du Château
+  Dom As Goscha Jiriz Jidze




Finally an update on our website!
Due to all social media we become lazy.... but we want to announce our new litterplans!
If all goes well, our Renée will become mother of our
U-U litter this year!
We will later give more info about the stud :-)



older news