Carmina's puppy pictures

Two days old!

After one week

Three weeks old


Four weeks old



Five weeks old and our first visit by Marion Wille

After six weeks

Seven weeks old

With all her little brothers and sisters



After eight weeks


10-04-2009 : Our MoiMoi during her visit with Marion by Evelyn Kirsch,, the breeder of our Haros from the kennel 'Ischyma'!


 11-04-2009 : Nine weeks old ! Finally we may take our little girl home to Belgium!

A last check from mummy Lilly ( Jelistaz One little Sweethart)

A small advice from Frank...

and a big, big hug from Marion...

 12-04-2009 : Already best friends with Pippi!

19-04-2009 : 10 Weeks old!

First the 'pose' pictures :


Afterwards some help with the gardening


and then joy of the sunshine ...

26-04-2009 : MoiMoi joined us for a while on the show today.

And  finally her godmother Anja Helsen could hug her !


05-05-2009: almost three months old !


During a nice weekend in Tüttleben (G.) MoiMoi met her sister Chenaja and brother Cameo again!
On the pics you can see that they had a lovely time!



MoiMoi at the age of six months!