Dom As Goscha Lola Lou aka 'Loula'

daughter out of Ch.Rothesby Sholwood Red Sky and Int. MCh. Lynx Endless Love
Owners: Nadine and Jean-François Musso of kennel "de Mur'etnaya" in France

* 01-12-2012

22-11-2014 Avignon (France) 1EXC CAC CACIB BOS
06-09-2014 Romaratin (France) 4EXC
14-06-2014 Castellon (Spain) 1EXC CAC CACIB BOS
08-05-2014 Avignon (France) 3EXC
03-05-2014 Monaco 1EXC CAC CACIB BOS
15-03-2014 Gerona (Spain) 1EXC CAC CACIB BOB
Loula  2 years old together with her brother Loukoff

Loula  14 months old

Loula  1 year old



5 months old


Loula 4 months old



Loula at 14 weeks



Loula and her brother Lukoff on the way to their new home in the South of France



Loula and brother Lukoff with their new owners



11 weeks



10 weeks




8 weeks old



7 weeks


46 days old and for the first time outside!






5 weeks




36 days old



4 weeks old




21days old





2 weeks old



1 week old