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*******  2012 *********

The last picture of our pregnant girl as she in on day 57 now.
Next time we hope to have puppie pictures!


Our Pippi is now 50 days pregnant! Only two weeks to go!



We had a perfect vacation with our three girls by Agata  Juszczyk in Biskupic!!



Pictures made by Paulina  Kotnowska 


Our Nuszka was our special maid of honour on our wedding last week in Ramsau (Bayern)!!




Unfortunately the mating between Haros and MoiMoi wasn't successful this time, we will give it another try in the autum of 2012!


A bit faster as accepted we can announce th!e mating between our Haros and MoiMoi !!
They mated on 24 and 25 of March!

If everything goes well, we hope to welcome their promissing litter around the 26th of May!!



The beautiful showresult of Nuszka on the International Martini Dogshow in Groningen (the Netherlands)


We changed our litterplans for this year! The plan with our Pippi (Lynx Endless Love) and Russi (Lynx Winds from Russia) is postponed to a later date. For 2012 we prefer a litter between Haros and MoiMoi!


On top we have nice showresults of  MoiMoi and Nuszka and Haros on the  National Dogshow in Genk

*********  2011  *********

A lot of news in our kennel!

First of all we are happy to are so proud to present you are new female Anuszka Z Jurajskich Biskupic!

During our staying in Poland we participate on the National Show in Bedzin with some beautiful results!
MoiMoi got 2EXC in Open Class, Pippi got 1EXC CWC and became Winner and on top of that our Haros became 1EXC CWC BOB Winner and 3BOG!!


We had a beautiful weekend in Salzburg (Austria)!
Pippi completed her fifth Championtitle, she is now also Austrian Champion, but we enjoyed also our staying in Salzburg and surroundings:

To see some pictures place click on the picture below


During our visit in Poland we stayed by Agata Juszczyk of Z JURAJSKICH BISKUPIC .
We had a great time with her and the A-litter!



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