L- Litter born on the first of December 2012

out of our Pippi, Int. MCh. Lynx Endless Love and Ch. Rothesby Sholwood Red Sky


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The males

Dom As Goscha Lucasz Lex

Dom As Goscha Lebed Liev


The females

Dom As Goscha Luna Liza

Dom As Goscha Lola Lou



54 days old

46 days old and for the first time outside!

40 days old

36 days old










28 days old
The quartet at breakfast


27 days old

In the evening Lucasz wouldn't sleep...

We tried to play a bit with him...

Maybe mum Pippi could help...

So Pippi had a serious conversation with son Lucazs...

Finally he got tired...

And went to sleep...


21 days old













Day 15


Day 14
We lost two puppies... Luiz and Louf died last weekend...
They were doing so fine, got an excellent weight but than they started to make high fever, we tried everything,
they had fluid through an infusion, antibiotic and we feed them by gavage...but the battle was to strong for them...

It is so hard for us to give this lost a place in the joy of having a litter...

We asked for examination of the university clinic in Gent to find out what the reason whas of their illness, viral, genetic, or a bacterium.

The four other babies are doing so fine, they are real fet puppies with weight between 1450 and 1700 grams.
So mum Pippi is doing a great job by feeding and caring them so well.





Day 7

The puppies got their 'official' names

the females:
Dom As Goscha Lola Lou

Dom As Goscha Luna Liza


the males:
Dom As Goscha Lucasz Lex

Dom As Goscha Lebed Liev

Dom As Goscha Luiz Larz +

Dom As Goscha Laute Louf +


Day 5


Day 2




Unfortunately otwo beautiful males died this night...
We will never forget these lovely boy...


After birth