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Our females
Int. MCh. Dom As Goscha Reine Renée

Dom As Goscha Reine Ragna
Int. MCh. Dom As Goscha Nona Nikita
Int. MCH. Anuszka z Jurajskich Biskupic
CH. Glory the Second Stepowy Goniec
+ Int. MCH. Lynx Endless Love
+ Int.MCH. Rasswet's Carmina

Our males
Int. Ch. Dom As Goscha Naud Nadal
+  Int. MCH.Ischyma Harosjenkie
+  Egor du Pré du Château
+  Farouk du Pré du Château
+  Dom As Goscha Jiriz Jidze



First exposition for our Reine Renee!
Under horrible weather conditions our Renee gained 1VP BabyBOB under judge Mrs. Lyn Hewson (UK) at the Belgian Borzoi Special!
So proud on this little girl!


This sweet girl Reine Reeva will soon make her journey to KenneI Zanoza Borzoi in Illinois (U.S.)!


Some new pictures of Reine Reeva as she is available for the right loving home.


Reine Reeva our last availabke puppy, is searching for her forever golden basket.



It sometimes comes differently than planned...
Yesterday we planned everything as Reine Reeva would go to her new owner in the Czech Republic.

But sometimes a puppy chooses his owner and there is love at first sight....
So not Reine Reeva but Reine Raven went to Czech to have a life at the horsefarm of her owner Tereza.

Also Rei Rufus went to his new home in Sweden with owners Astrid and Norbert!

Good luck babies!!!!


Some head study of the two available male puppies at 3,5 months;



We add some pictures of the two available boys. You can find them by clicking here on their name or picture below:
The boys are DM free, have scissorbite and both testicles.

Rei Radimir

Rei Rasmus



Happy to tell that Rufus found his forever home in Sweden.

Rei Rufus



We made some new pictures of the available male puppies! You can find them by clicking on the picture or their name below:

Rei Rasmus

Rei Radimir


Rei Radimir, such a beautiful and strong boy is available for the right home.


Some headstudy of Rei Rufus!
So beautiful, but as we will keep no male this time...


Some males are still looking for their forever home. So we added pics on their individual pages.
You can find them by clicking on their pictures below:

Rei Radimir

Rei Rasmus



And a few new pictures of the puppies!


The puppies of our R-R litter are 8 weeks old
Their father , Stravi Ripple aka Chase, came from Sweden to visit them!

Thanks Norbert for the beautiful pictures! You can find them by clicking on the picture of Chase here below:



Some of the puppies of our R-R litter are still searching their forever home.
We added some new individual pictures. You can find them by clicking on the pictures below:

the females

the males


Naud was succesfull on the sighthoundshow in Luxemburg today!
With the beautiful result of another Best of Breed in Luxemburg he finished the Luxemburg Championtitle!!

Some puppies are still available for their forever loving home.
So we added the first try of 'stack' pictures of our R-R litter! You can find them on their individual pages.

As the R-R litter is one month old today, they went outside for the first time!
You can find more pictures by clicking on the picture below:


We have added some new pictures on the individual pages of the 3 weeks old puppies!
You can find them by clicking on the pictures below:

the boys

Rei Radimir

Rei Rasmus

Rei Rodvi

Rei Rufus

Rei Rurik

the girls

Reine Ragna

Reine Raven

Reine Reeva

Reine Renee



Some new pictures of our 11 days old R-R puppies!


Some impressions of the puppy bunch today by Clicking on the picture!


Nikita and her 9 babies are doing great! We made some pictures of each puppy on their indivdual pages!


Happy and proud to introduce the 5 males and 4 females born yesterday!


Exciting time! Just a few days to go before the puppies will be born, mum Nikita is doing great!
On the X-ray you can see them! Nature is so wonderful....


Just in time for the arrival of our litter out of Nona Nikita and Chase (Stravi Ripple),
our Loulou (Glory the Second Stepowy Goniec) finished her first championtitle! She is now slovakian Champion!!
We had two beautiful days in Nitra where she finished the title and on top got her first CACIB!


Yeah!!! Such a happy, happy news!!! Litterplans for Mai 2018!!!!
If all goes like expected we will soon announce our futur litter, as our Nikita was mated in Sweden by the beautiful MCh. Stravi Ripple!



Our Naud gained another point for the Belgian Championship!
Thanks to the judge Marie Christine Amand who awarded him with 1EXC CAC BOS at the national dogshow in Genk!! He is now Ambiorix Winner 2018!



Our youngest girl LouLou (Glory the Second Stepowy Goniec) gained again some points for her first championtitle.
She gained some nice results in Nitra (Sk) undr the judges Gunis Miroslav and Vlatilav Vojtek! Way to go baby!!


This weekend our youngest girl Loulou was for the first time on Show!
She behaved great and made a first succes in the ring in Nitra!



Today our DAG Naud Nadal gained his last point to become International Beauty Champion!!!
In Charleroi (B.) he gained 2EXC RCAC RCACIB which will be full CACIB!


We had a perfect weekend in Nitra and came home with a brandnew champion!
Our Naud became Slovakian champion!


So proud! So happy! Our Naud gained another BOB! This time he won at the Luxemburg International Show!



A perfect weekend in Bratislava!
Not only gained our Naud two days Best of Breed at the Duodanube shows but we saw also his beautiful sister Nomen Noor!

Proud to our boy!!
Today Naud received the nice result 1EXC CAC VDH RCACIB at the IDS in Ludwigshafen!


A very wet Saturday in Germany!
But Naud managed to receive 1EXC VDH in Gelsenkirchen!


Last Saturday our Naud participated at the CAC Show in Hochdahl(Germany).
He gained a nice 2EXC RCAC (will become full CAC)!



In the mean while we moved to a better place for the dogs. They can now enjoy living in the forest and they love it, even during rainy days!



Our Nikita started the year 2017 with a new title!
She gained the Belgian Beauty Championship with 1EXC CAC BOB in Genk!



Wonderful news!
Back home from a lovely trip in Poland:
In Wroclaw our Nikita finished her International Beauty Championship with 1EXC CAC CACIB BOS!


And we picked up our youngest girl LouLou,
Glory the Second Stepowy Goniec!

We also receved the good news that Nomen Noor aka Nomie finished her Austrian Championship!
So proud and happy!


Soon there is a 'new kid in town'!!

In a few weeks we will welcome our Loulou!
Glory the Second Stepowy Goniec is bred by Mr. Kazimierz Rychlik and
out of Ch. Russkiy Azart Yeifire Candaro Chantilly and Ch. Mereszka Stepowy Goniec.
We are so happy with this new girl!!!

A lot of nice news but also some sad news....

Nikita gained some nice results on several shows, she also earned the Danish Championtitle during our nice trip to Hasmark (Dk)

Naud gained the title of Winner Beauty & Performance Challenge Dominique Delabelle 2016 !

The sad news is that we last our dearest "Chouchou", our Egor at the age of 11 years and 2 months....
We and specially our son, Thibaut miss him soo much.....

Due to healt reasons of our Nuszka we had to skip our breeding plans for 2016...We had a rough time with our girl, but she is better now and we decided that for us Nuszkas health is more important to us than having a second litter with our girl!

In the mean while our Nikita and her sister Nomen Noor (aka Nomie) did both great on last show weekend in Nitra (Slovakia). Both girls became Champion at the age of 23 months!! So proud!




Naud and Nikita both got a first place in interediair class at the show in Brussel.

Nikita urned another two CAC's at the Winner Show and the Slovakia Cup under respected sighthound specialists in Nitra!

Happy and proud to announce the litterplans between our Naud and the beautiful Anice bely Beljajaw!
By clicking on the picture you find more info:


Finally back online!!

In the meanwhile we had some nice showresults in different countries:
Nuszka gained BOS in Innsbruck
Naud gained BOB on his first show in Bratislava
and specially Nikita gained a few nice results by winning BOB or BOS in Innsbruck, Maastricht, Charleroi and Bratislava.

Naud and Nikita also started to train for their working license!


We also have very sad news.... Our Pippi, our dearest girl passed away on the 26th of August...
She will for always be in our heart...

We wish we could have told you,
in words you'd understand,
We wanted you to stay with us.
This wasn't what we'd planned

We wish somehow to tell you
how empty we now feel.
A part of us went with yoi.
A part that time can't heal

We wish we'd once more hear you,
in your softly, rumbling purr,
to hold you on our laps again
and stroke your golden fur

We wish we had you back again,
to fill this empty space.
But one day we'll be together
in a far, far better place...



Donaueschingen Sighthoundfestival 2015!

An unbelievable weekend with the nicest results and four 'babies' of the N-N litter around us!
Some impressions of the reunion of mother Anuszka and daddy Lennox with their kids, please click on the familypicture.

The showresults of our girls you can find by a click bellow:


After four months finally an update !
No special news, just some nice showresults of our girls:

So proud on our girls!!


During the week the babies seems to enjoy themselves in our garden:


Our Pippi was shown for the first time as veteran in Hoogstraten (B) where she earned her first point with the VetBOB for the Belgium veteran championship.
Also our youngster Nikita was there. She got first place with JBOB in youth class!
Way to go girls!



What a nice way to start the year!
Our Nuszka (in her first show after whelping the N-N litter!) became BOB today in Genk and finished the Belgian championshiptitle!
Her daughter Nikita became BOB puppy!


First Xmas for Naud and Nikita together with their guest, sister Nanouk.


Such a Xmas present!
Our last show this year was the International X-mas show with MoiMoi in Nijmegen (Nl.) where she gained her last CACIB to furfill the conditions of the International Beauty Championship! So proud on our girl!


Nikita participated on the Brusseldogshow and gained again BOB puppy!

Some news about sweet Noach Nimrod....

On Sunday he will move to his sister Nanouk!
Thanks to Riet and Cis for giving this beauty a place in their home together with Nanouk!!!
It is always super when some littermates can stay together!!


Our MoiMoi and Nikita particated on the Eurodogshow in Kortrijk (B.) and gained beautiful results!


As the babies are six months we made some new 'stack' pictures of Nikita, Noach and Naud.


Some new pictures of Noach Nimrod


Soo proud on our MoiMoi!! Today on the International dogshow in Charleroi she gained 1EXC CAC CACIB and became BOB!!


Due circmumstances Noach's owners couldn't take care anymore of him...
So he came back to us. This beautiful boy (5 months old) is searching for his forever golden basket. More pictures of him will follow in a few days!


Sweet boy Nuriyev aka Luca went to his forever home in the UK.

Also Nox will soon leave our house to live with his new boss in the UK.



Noach went to his forever home in Germany. Have a great life little man !



Some new pics of the babies you find here:

Yesterday we went to the Lovaniumtrofee show with MoiMoi. She did a beautiful job and earned 2EXC RCAC. We are proud on our girl!
Nikita went with us to socialize and we all enjoyed our day!


Baby Noor is on her way to Slovakia with her new owners.


We have to start with sad  news... On the 11th of  July our Haros left us forever...

Although the pain is still deep by this tremendous lost, we have to find the courage to cherish the beautiful memories of this beautiful boy and think in the best positive way we can for the interest of the puppy's....

So you find finally new individual pictures. You can find them by clicking on their names on the N-N litter page



We added some pics of the babies.
You can find them on their individual pages.

Our Haros (almost 9,5 years old!) gained Vet BOB on the International Dogshow in Genk (B.) and on top he became 4BIS Veteran !
Thanks to Judge Mrs. Ruth Wagner and Mrs. Mariette Vanherle-Stevens who both judged him several times during his show-carreer and still appriciate his beauty!

We also made new stack pics of the puppies, you can see them on their individual pages.
Nikita and Noah are available again due to a change of heart by the prospective owners, who had reserved both of them. They are again available for a loving show home.


The puppies are now 7 and half weeks.
Afterwards we made some pics to add on their individual pages.
You find them here under their names.


We added some individual pictures of all puppies.
You find them here under their names.


Normally we should make some new stack pics from the babies, but it is too hot for them to tease them. So we let them play and obvious they enjoyed it!


We added pictures of the puppies as they are 5 weeks old

A lot of pictures from the puppies first time outside!

The babies are doing fine!
They are growing so fast

The first "stack" pics are made. The babies didn't know yet what to do but with a little bit of help from mom Nuszka they managed.
You find them by clicking on their individual pages.

A nice picture from our Nuszka on the bed in the puppy room! She can watch her babies from the bed!


And the puppy collars arrived! All matching with their ID collars!


We promise to make new individual pics of the babies this weekend as the first futur owners will come to visit!

The babies are almost 3 weeks old. Some new images.

Again some pics of the babies on day 16!


t is too soon to show individual pics of the puppies, we will wait till all eyes are open, but here are already some new impressions on day 12!



The litter is already 10 days old! Nuszka and the puppies are doing so well!
A few pictures are added on the
N-N litter page.



We have added some new photos of the N-N puppies on their own pages.


The puppies got their individual pages with their names and pictures.


A small selection of some pictures of the new born babies you find here


The beautiful puppies are born!! Nuszka is the proud mother of 5 males and 3 females!
More (individual) pictures in a few days.



So happy!
A few days before giving birth our Nuszka received her International Championtitle from FCI!
So proud on our girl!



After a long period without updates we think it is time to start again!!
A lot of the latest showresults aren't updated because we lost a lot of pictures by problems of our computer!

To give a short briefing, our Haros gained the Belgian Veteran Championtitle as first borzoi ever.
We are more than proud of this title!!

Also our Nuszka did a great job!
In Gent she earned 1EXC CAC CACIB BOS on the Internatinal show in Gent.
With this result she finished in time the conditions to become International Champion before the mating!

If everything goes well we expect our N-N litter around 1th of May!!!

If you click on the picture you find the pedigree an more pictures of the exciting combination between
Nox, Le Sphinx Killing me Softly and our Nuszka, Anuszka Z Jurajskich Biskupic


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